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Every professional, no matter what industry they work in, has a suite of tools that they love with their heart and soul. For example, my partner’s dad is a carpenter who creates reproduction furniture of pieces from the 1700-1800s. He could use the latest and greatest equipment for his work, but there are saws and other tools that he’s had for years – he swears his old equipment is way better than the newfangled gadgets he finds in the local hardware store. He has what works for him, and his toolkit allows him to create amazing works of art.

My industry is the same (although online marketing doesn’t allow you to work with 50 year old equipment), and there are various tools and practices that I hold dear. These things allow me to work efficiently, and the vast majority of them are FREE. For content curation, one of my absolute favorites is Flipboard.

I’ve been on the Flipboard bandwagon ever since the app was released in 2012. This handy little app was originally released with the intent of being a great way to read popular news stories, find up-to-date information on topics of interest, and allowed users to create their very own “magazines.” These magazines could contain whatever information the user desired, not just articles from Flipboard. Before I started my own business, I started experimenting with using Flipboard as a place to keep information on STEM education for teachers and promote some of my company’s own work – that magazine has since been picked up as part of Flipboard’s education initiative, with over 7,000 viewers interacting with the articles, tools, and how-tos posted there.

More recently, I use Flipboard as a place to organize and store content that may be of interest to my clients’ audiences. As part of my morning routine, I take a few minutes to look through the topics I routinely follow, and save a few articles that I think would add to a great social media experience. This routine also allows me to stay on top of what’s going on in each industry, know what breaking news might be occurring, and always have a steady stream of relevant and interesting content to share.

Now, trust me, I understand that there are a lot of apps out there that allow you to store and categorize articles and information for later use, but Flipboard’s interface just makes sense to me. Across all platforms, it just works. Over time, Flipboard has also worked to increase its offerings, continuing to add new features and making the site more social (although, much like any newspaper, the comments can be a little insane). It’s obvious that they’re trying to maintain an awesome product, and I hope they keep up the great work!


The Takeaway

Flipboard is an awesome tool, especially if you’re looking for a way to store relevant and timely articles for sharing purposes.

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