When it comes to social media, many small business owners believe they can handle it themselves. Sometimes, that’s true – there are many savvy entrepreneurs out there who seem to naturally understand how to use the right social media platforms to reach their audience and create content that keeps followers coming back for more. These enterprising individuals also seem to have endless amounts of time to devote to making their social accounts profitable.


Does this sound like you? No? Don’t worry…it doesn’t sound like most small business owners I know either.


The truth is that, for many business owners, social media remains a mystery. Choosing which platforms to focus on can be difficult, especially if you haven’t used many of them in your personal time. There is a learning curve when it comes to the technology, and then you must develop content as well! In the end, social media can mean a surprising amount of work that doesn’t always translate into success.


This is where I come in.

Social Media

Every small business is different. Each has its own personality, which can be reflected through social media. Imagine being able to reach out to an audience daily to bring them closer to your business, and receive real-time feedback on what your audience wants. Social media can make all this possible.


For clients interested in handling their own social media accounts, I offer consulting services that get you started. Consulting sessions involve identifying your marketing goals and determining which platforms will offer the most success for your small business. It also includes information on what type of content will likely work best for your social media accounts, as well as how to manage the accounts in a way that will save you precious time.

Social Media

Don’t have the time to handle social media scheduling on your own? Or maybe you see the value, but you just don’t want to be the person doing the daily posts. No worries…I offer varying ranges of social media management, depending on your budget and company needs.


For those who opt for full social media management, you can expect a regular schedule of updates on how your accounts are doing and improvements that can be made moving forward. Even if I am doing the work, we will still work together as a team to meet your goals.

“Working with Morgan was the best business-building decision I made. She takes the time to truly research your business and is willing to assist with everything from creating content to long-term marketing and SEO planning. I’m so thankful I didn’t spend my money with a large SEO group that doesn’t care about personal attention. Morgan’s personal attention almost instantly boosted my business…I look forward to having a long-term relationship with her company.” -Kristin Pugh, LCSW

“Morgan created a short and mid-term strategy for increasing social engagement and worked as a fantastic coach on PR opportunities that my company would have otherwise overlooked. Her attention to detail and creative outlook opened doors that never occurred to us to try. We are a better company with Morgan on board.” -Jeff Jorgensen, Owner, Elemental Cremation & Burial

“Morgan designed two logos for me that were driven by two completely different concepts. She was able to capture exactly what I was looking for without any trouble. Her customer service is top notch and I always knew I could count on her to get me anything that I needed. I look forward to continuing my relationship with her for the future needs of my business!” -Natalie Peterson, Fuel + Fit