Think of all the businesses out there that you interact with on a daily basis. What makes them so recognizable and interesting? I’d wager that a large part of it has to do with good visuals or graphic design. The images and colors we see as part of a company’s branding impact the feelings and imagination of people interacting with your content, both on- and offline. It seems a little silly sometimes, but putting together a visual branding strategy that is compelling and beautiful can have an effect on whether or not potential clients opt to work with your company.


Creating the right visual branding is all about telling the story of your company. Colors and shapes can convey whether your company is formal or informal, relax or corporate. They can project a message that attracts the particular clientele you hope to work with. When visual branding is carried through all marketing materials, it creates a feeling of professionalism and trust, with your company as the star attraction.


Your logo presents the first visual impression of your business. Think of it as the visual equivalent of a mission statement – it sums up what the company is all about without having to say a word. Great logos can last for years and are the cornerstone of all other branding for your company. It will appear on business cards, stationery, websites, social media accounts…it’s everywhere, and you want it to look good. Real good. I can help with that!


Business cards looking a little rough? Maybe you have an event coming up that requires a specialty product, such as a conference banner or swag gifts for giveaway…

From cards, to brochures, to large-scale prints, I’m happy to help create a special design that reflects your company’s personality and brand. We’ll work together to develop a design that will WOW a crowd and encourage potential clients to find out more about your company.


Whether you are working with social media or websites, great graphics can grab attention and encourage people to interact with your content. In the case of visual like infographics, data can be transformed into beautiful, easily read content that makes an impact. Sometimes, though, online graphics can become overwhelming to produce for those not familiar with design. If you are looking for help with online graphics, you’ve come to the right place.


Is your company missing a certain je ne sais quou when it comes to its overall look? Could your visual branding be described as “all over the place” or “non-existant?” Don’t worry – it’s a problem that a lot of small businesses experience and it can be easy to fix with a little teamwork. If you’re searching for an overall look for your business, let’s talk and see what we can come up with together.

“Working with Morgan was the best business-building decision I made. She takes the time to truly research your business and is willing to assist with everything from creating content to long-term marketing and SEO planning. I’m so thankful I didn’t spend my money with a large SEO group that doesn’t care about personal attention. Morgan’s personal attention almost instantly boosted my business…I look forward to having a long-term relationship with her company.” -Kristin Pugh, LCSW

“Morgan created a short and mid-term strategy for increasing social engagement and worked as a fantastic coach on PR opportunities that my company would have otherwise overlooked. Her attention to detail and creative outlook opened doors that never occurred to us to try. We are a better company with Morgan on board.” -Jeff Jorgensen, Owner, Elemental Cremation & Burial

“Morgan designed two logos for me that were driven by two completely different concepts. She was able to capture exactly what I was looking for without any trouble. Her customer service is top notch and I always knew I could count on her to get me anything that I needed. I look forward to continuing my relationship with her for the future needs of my business!” -Natalie Peterson, Fuel + Fit