About This Project

Tina and Jamie White found themselves in the position of taking over their parent’s existing HVAC company, Brown Heating & Cooling. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, the company was faced with a lot of competition for clients. They wanted to take a marketing approach that would make their company more appealing, both to clients and potential service technicians. Tina had a vision for making the website a repository of information, allowing customers especially to be more involved and pro-active concerning decisions on HVAC repair and upgrades.

The marketing plan for Brown Heating & Cooling focused on blogging and social media. The bulk of the content was informative so that web users could learn more about the importance of routine maintenance and understand what a company like Brown Heating & Cooling could offer. Social media was used to get the content out to the public, as well as to entice potential service technicians to consider working with the company. Both the blogging activities and the social media efforts boosted website traffic and increased the company’s visibility within the Birmingham area.

Copywriting, Social Media