Why Invest in Online Marketing

Why Invest
in Online

For many small businesses, marketing is one of the hardest areas to conquer. You want to get your brand out to the public, but you don’t know where to invest your hard-earned money and precious free time. For businesses in smaller communities, print, radio, and mass mailings may seem like great ideas, but they can be costly and it can be difficult to target the exact clients you want to attract.


Enter online marketing!

Wait...What is ``Online Marketing?``

Online marketing is a broad term that covers many marketing strategies, all focused on using the internet to reach your potential audience. These efforts include, but aren’t limited to:

Business Websites

Social Media Participation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Online Paid Advertising

Email Marketing


How Does Online Marketing Work?

In an ideal world, all of the online marketing facets listed above work together to create a diamond of a marketing strategy. At the base of online marketing is generally a website – this is the rock upon which a company can tell the world about themselves and provide the basic information a potential client needs to begin the decision-making process about services.


Each additional facet is like the spoke of a wheel. Social media marketing can add personality and provide a way to engage clients and promote your business. Search Engine Optimization helps potential clients find your business online. Blogging provides an opportunity to help your potential and current clients learn more about your business and industry. Email marketing reaches current or potential clients at their inbox, keeping them up-to-date on specials and events. Online Paid advertising reaches the exact people you want to target and brings them further into the online marketing wheel.

Why Should I Invest in Online Marketing Practices?

Because 88% of the U.S. is Online

If you want that put into numeric form, that’s about 286,942,362 people. All of those people are online, searching for information. If your business isn’t online, you are missing a big opportunity to reach potential clients.


With an online marketing plan, you can target your specific audience, reach them on their terms, and provide tailored marketing directly to those seeking your services. No more wasting money on people who aren’t interested – you can use online tools to zone in on the portion of that 88% who is ready to work with you!

Because You Control the Cost

One of the greatest benefits of online marketing is that it can be “bootstrapped”, or done with minimal cost if you are willing to make a larger time investment. Some business owners love the DIY approach and jump right into online marketing with just a little guidance.


For other business owners, the time just isn’t there to learn new skills. In this case, I can handle the heavy lifting after a discussion about your business and goals. The process is always collaborative, though – you’ll know what is happening via regular calls and check-ins.

Because It Is Time To Join 2017

While old school marketing practices still have their place, the public is relying more and more on the internet to learn about businesses that might be able to solve their problems. Not investing in online marketing means that you’re missing out on a major opportunity to draw in new business.


Some business owners stay away from online marketing because it’s new and requires a bit of a learning curve. I’m here to tell you it’s time to learn! Once you see what online marketing can do for your business, you will wonder why you didn’t invest in it sooner.

“Working with Morgan was the best business-building decision I made. She takes the time to truly research your business and is willing to assist with everything from creating content to long-term marketing and SEO planning. I’m so thankful I didn’t spend my money with a large SEO group that doesn’t care about personal attention. Morgan’s personal attention almost instantly boosted my business…I look forward to having a long-term relationship with her company.” -Kristin Pugh, LCSW

“Morgan created a short and mid-term strategy for increasing social engagement and worked as a fantastic coach on PR opportunities that my company would have otherwise overlooked. Her attention to detail and creative outlook opened doors that never occurred to us to try. We are a better company with Morgan on board.” -Jeff Jorgensen, Owner, Elemental Cremation & Burial

“Morgan designed two logos for me that were driven by two completely different concepts. She was able to capture exactly what I was looking for without any trouble. Her customer service is top notch and I always knew I could count on her to get me anything that I needed. I look forward to continuing my relationship with her for the future needs of my business!” -Natalie Peterson, Fuel + Fit