A long time ago, in the faraway kingdom of Missouri, I received my art history degree from Washington University in St. Louis. As a student, I drifted between design and writing, one satisfying my love for visual art and the other satisfying the desire to do research. Not knowing what to do with these skills, I drifted from admin job to admin job, until I finally landed in a position doing science education and communication work for NASA. But ultimately, I needed more creativity – so I decided to create my own space where research and design can come together to support small businesses!

Morgan Woroner Design is about making your business appealing and attractive, but in a smart way. Whether it’s through skillful social media and SEO planning, branding, or designing website and marketing components, the goal is to create products that will bring out the best in your company.

I’d love to hear about your project! Please contact me through the form below & let’s collaborate!


Whether you are looking for design, SEO, or social media services, the process of finding a solution is all about you! We’ll start with a discussion about your business and goals, followed by a conversation about expectations and what you hope to gain from the process. From there, plan and design development goes into initial stages. This is where the real fun begins – we’ll work together to determine what’s working and what isn’t, and refine everything to form the plan or design that’s best for your project.


The “Services” section will provide some idea of pricing, but I’m always interested in hearing from clients directly to make sure you have the best deal possible. For a quote on your project, use the contact form at the bottom of the page.




Your site is up and looking great – now you just need people to find your content! Focused on small businesses and bloggers, we can help you with a strategic plan to organically grow your audience from the ground up.

SEO plans start at $400.

Social Media

Social media is key to gaining an audience, but what platforms are the best for your business, and what content should you post? We offer full-time maintenance, as well as “how-to” sessions to get your started on the right foot.

Social media projects are priced individually, based on specific client needs.

Copywriting Services

You have a fancy new website, but what content will best promote your company, services, & products? Our copywriting & editing services to help reach your intended audience with the right language, while keeping a sharp eye on keywords.

Copywriting projects are priced individually, based on specific client needs.


Do you have a great idea for your business, but need a polished look to match it? Creating the right visual material to express your business concept doesn’t have to be hard. From logos to page layouts, we can help.

Design services start at $200.


"Morgan has three amazing assets: (1) her keen eye for design, (2) her social media fluency, and (3) her immense knowledge of SEO. I've referred several clients to her for branding/logo work and Search Engine Optimization help, and clients have always been extremely satisfied with the results. With her social media skills, she has transformed new accounts with no followers into ones whose content engages their growing audiences. She knows how to build authentic relationships online that last, so that it's not just about numbers but rather about creating meaning behind those numbers. And Morgan knows how to throw in some sass and street-smarts to get it all done."

- Brandi Bernoskie
Brandi Bernoskie - Website Development

Brandi Bernoskie, WordPress Developer
"Working with Morgan was the best business building decision I made! Developing a long-term SEO plan with personal attention almost instantly boosted my business. Morgan takes the time to truly research your business and not only assists with content, improving SEO, but also marketing recommendations, and long-term planning. SEO was a frightening concept to someone not associated with computer sciences, but thanks to Morgan's helpful hands-on education, I'm no longer fearful of taking SEO and website traffic into my own hands."

-Kristin Pugh

Mindful Energetics

Kristin Pugh, Mindful Energetics
"Morgan created a short and mid-term strategy for increasing social engagement and worked as a fantastic coach on PR opportunities that my company would have otherwise overlooked. Her attention to detail and creative outlook opened doors that never occurred to us to try."

- Jeff Jorgenson
Elemental Cremation & Burial

Jeff Jorgenson, Elemental Cremation & Burial
"I asked Morgan to design two logos for me, driven by two completely different concepts. She was able to capture exactly what I was looking for without any trouble. For one of my logos, I needed a more 'corporate' look and feel, and for the other I requested something more 'artistic.' For both logos, she nailed it!"

Natalie Peterson
Fuel + Fit

Natalie Peterson, Fuel + Fit


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